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Sooo youtube is taking and undoing community captions which destroys accessibility for foreign audiences and especially for deaf and hard of hearing people and are now trying to bleed content creators dry of their money by saying 'pay our third party providers if you want captions/translations' so like.

when is thell gonna pull through and make a better youtube that's free for everyone and actually good for a community of content creators?

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Hi thell what the FUCK you are literally a blessing holy hell,,

Sooo youtube is taking and undoing community captions which destroys accessibility for foreign audiences and especially for deaf and hard of hearing people and are now trying to bleed content creators dry of their money by saying 'pay our third party providers if you want captions/translations' so like.

when is thell gonna pull through and make a better youtube that's free for everyone and actually good for a community of content creators?

new lights babeyyyy

mild strobe warning because they do flash, but i got some new lights!

oh, and new shelves too

Did a bit of design tweaking on a chunky demon man for thehauntedbird @ twitter !

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for jade week day 7 >:3

shes angry cause she got mistreated in canon :(

what if i made beaded pride snakes and sold em for like 5 bucks each,, plus shipping ofc :P thinking of selling on etsy with a shop but they kiiinda suck

ive already made a few for test runs on patterns, i also even made a lil worm with string scraps too but getting shipping stuff set up would also be a mess too

A study from reference

Painted in procreate

turmeric baby starting to put out a new little shoot!!

Honey Mustard Flavored Bastard

Meet Aslaam Phobos, The Detached.

Aslaam uses they/it/he pronouns, and is a powerful psionic user who functions as security for high profile trolls. Its fighting style is comparable to that of a sniper and a living rail gun, perching out of sight and overseeing wherever their charge is, taking out threats without remorse via empire provided bladed projectiles launched at incredibly high speeds. Each of the six projectiles possess retractable blades which can only be opened through psionic/telekinetic force, and attach to a waist piece via small but powerful magnets, keeping things lightweight, sturdy, and easy and quick to manipulate.

He is a gold blooded troll and is old for a member of his caste, at just over 210 sweeps of age. Aslaam stands at a height of 6'7", not including their horns. They have scars along their body, but the most notable and visible are the scars around their eyes and the notch taken from their left ear, caused by much too close of an encounter with a resisting troll's bullet. He is hard of hearing in his left ear because of this incident. His sign is based on the signature horns of large beetle lusii which have cared for his lineage since the birth of the first Phobos. It is known to produce loud electrical hums and crackles when arcing its psionics, but it is nothing more than a side effect of the strong electrical power which surges when using its abilities. While gifted with powerful psionics, he is not suitable for being a helm or battery, being not quite strong enough for such a role.


Aslaam grew up on a tropical Alternian colony and was raised by a cordyceps which overtook their giant horned beetle lusus not long after Aslaam had left the caves and been taken in. It wasn't a cruel lusus, but it wasn't loving either, and kick-started Aslaam's detachment from things such as life, emotions, gender, and even quadrants. This combined with training and conditioning to become a living weapon has made Aslaam outwardly cold and distant, hence their title of The Detached. Though a rare occurrence, it is possible to get close to Aslaam to the point of deep emotional attachment. Past quadrants have either perished in battle or have gone in separate ways, as is the nature of such relationships within military ranks.

It takes pride in this title, however, and is very much aware of the reputation it holds as a troll who's views on life are comparable to that of an uncaring machine. Everything will live and die, and it simply sees itself as a facilitator to move that process along and do what must be done so the lives of others shall be prolonged in return. This ideology has been brought by their lusus, and solidified by their time in the Alternian Military.

He has earned the highest ranking he can get as a psionic unit, and serves in his cushy "retirement" position with high devotion despite the boredom on the job. In their prime, they would fire large projectiles using psionics until the point of collapse, and sweeps of this limit pushing has caused scars to form around their eyes as a result. They are known for being highly effective at their job, and has only missed a shot once in their long career.

The Phobos bloodline is known through Alternian history as a longstanding line, dating back to the middle ages. Back before science discovered the true nature of such abilities, trolls with psionic powers were thought to be mages and magicians possessing magical powers, and the Phobos line was notable for using their skills for combat as soldiers and guards. The general aesthetic in dressing with outfits that invoke thoughts of such magical figures has remained a constant, albeit with modifications throughout the ages to fit the times. Aslaam jokingly refers to themself as a "tactical mage" because of this. Empirical red serves as an accent and indicator of his status as military personell on his outfit.



In SGRUB, he is a Thief of Space, and is a Prospit and Derse dreamer, with a heavy Derse lean. His planet is The Land of Shackles and Frogs, a world full of buildings and structures which have brutalist prison-like architecture sat upon continents all bound and linked by endless chains of all sizes; it is absolutely teeming with amphibian life. Chains and can be pulled and manipulated from their places with enough force, useful for moving buildings and potentially even continents, but are naturally ever-shifting due to the nature of everything floating on top of a bottomless ocean which runs to the planet's core. The oceans are of clean fresh water, and support thriving algae blooms with aquatic plants and moss growing upon the fully and partially submerged chains which holds everything together.

Echidna dwells under the largest continent, her domain anchored beneath the buoyant land and prevented from drifting away freely. One can access it either under water or through the massive maze of a cave system which leads to her domain. Only one chain follows the correct path, and picking the wrong one could lead to being lost for eternity on an endless and fruitless pursuit.

Having long been separated from their lusus, Aslaam would most likely use the body of a nearby deceased troll as their prototype for a sprite, preferably that of someone they knew if such circumstance is possible.

pride animals

ace flag w/ badger, aroflux flag (less eyestrainy) with deer, trans flag w/ wolf.

i did a lil cleaning today which is nice, my room is balanced once more and my desk is no longer cluttered with papers woot

gaywerewolf -

ending cringe culture also means ending the cringe culture surrounding identities and relationship models associated with ace and aro identities

you cant say end cringe culture and turn around to make fun of ppl in queerplatonic relationships

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whats a queue?

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  • [fancy pants avatar goes here] nerdt0pia commented:
    it's this thing where you set posts to be automatically posted while you're offline :O tumblr has one, I've never used it though

Hm I see. That sounds like it would be very useful. C: Maybe one day walter fall will have such an option. Until then I may spam. Thank you for explaining <3

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            1. fallow commented:
              waterfall has it too


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hhow did u even do that to ur formatting x'D

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    1. you gotta hit one of the Formated List Options
          • And then
                  1. Hit Tab Key on your Keyboard
    • Many times

    • it even works for bullet points but

      • only on the second press of the Tab Key

                                                • magical
      • tho I'm not sure screenreaders would like this formating? IDk.k

fallow -
                      • ye i have no idea how theyd read it lol but otherwise this is chaotic and im here for it

                        • haha maybe thisll make formatting transcripts of fallin' angels easier

                                                                - probly look really bad on mobile tho

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what the fuck.

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the reason it takes a second to post things on waterfall sometimes is because @thellere has to check each post we make and click/drag it to the right blog

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Confirming this is how it works

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Here's my Ladystuck2020 piece for @dumbpessimist on twitter!

They r hapy :)

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I just checked the database because I'm writing a dev blog and there's 169 variations of the NSFW tag


So that five dollar bundle I talked about? Here's some updates!

-They've hit over 3 million dollars! Woot!
-It's still going on, you can still get it here! You have under a week left to get it!

And the biggest update to catch y'alls interest....

Itch.io has had the website's code rewritten to allow for more items to be added to the bundle, and there are now over a THOUSAND items that come with the bundle. All buyers who have already purchased the bundle have automatically gotten the new items to go with it.

The bundle is only 5USD, and it is going to good places! So please, PLEASE get this bundle! It includes some major games too! Night in the Woods, Oneshot, Celeste, Death and Taxes, Catlateral Damage, and Night of the Consumers are some of the games that I can name on the top of my head.

On top of that, you get a TON of asset packs, some entire game engines, and a bunch of TTRPG books! One book which I know y'all will like is the Lancer core book. Ever wanted to roleplay space mech pilots fighting fascism with friends? Bam, Lancer has you covered.

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more fishmari because yeah this au is still a Thing

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philadelphia flower show (2017)

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Holy shit. @bumblingbee check this shit out