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11 hours ago
Sunday 26th May 2019 04:36:58
princeofdoom asked:

Moomin and Marvel

Moomin: What season is your favorite and why? What do you enjoy doing during this season?

Winter. I like the cold and the snow. Couldn’t give a shit about the holidays, I’m just here for the freezing temperatures. My favorite thing to do is just lay in the snow. Sadly I no longer live where it gets that cold. It’s also peppermint season so that’s a huge plus.


Marvel: What qualities do you value most in a friend?

Loyalty and honesty. If I’m with someone that will turn on me or lie to me, we ain’t gonna be friends for very long.

16 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 23:55:07

tfw you get the local crazy fucking conservative giving you glares

like gee sorry my pussy fuckin POPS while ya crusty ass coochie hasnt seen action since the dinosaurs went extinct

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16 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 23:50:07
lazy 25th May 2019 09:00:15 PM - 18 hours ago

hello friends plz tell me something good that happened to u today i wanna talk!

evilbog 25th May 2019 11:46:17 PM - 16 hours ago

Today i flew my fighter jet kite on the big hill that we have in the center of the downtown! 

wyvern-king 25th May 2019 11:50:07 PM - 16 hours ago

i got a bigass bottle of sunnyd from the dollar tree

16 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 23:33:51
aurenfaie asked:

Dororo & Yuuri on Ice!

Dororo: In what ways do you prefer to show affection? Through words? With gifts? Cuddles?

Words, cuddles, and lots and lots of kisses. I’m touch hungry as fuck when I’m in the mood to be up close and cuddly. But randome “I love you”s are also a favorite of mine. Shows I’m thinkin about my partner y’know?


Yuuri on Ice: What helps put you at ease when you're troubled? A cup of tea? Taking a walk? Reading?

Showers and music. When I’m stressed I hop in the shower with my phone and scream out some lyrics while soaking in the cold like a fucking weirdo. My alternative is walking and playing PoGo but I can’t always just walk to the next town and back like a crackhead for the sake of hatching eggs so yeah.


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16 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 23:23:40

Fandom Themed Asks!

annetalope 22nd May 2019 04:28:35 AM - 4 days ago

Sailor Moon: What is your idea of genuine love? Have you ever felt this love?

Fullmetal Alchemist: What do you aspire most for in life? How close do you think you are to attaining this goal, and how will you achieve it?

Over the Garden Wall: What are your thoughts on death? Does it frighten you? Do you believe in life after death?

She-Ra: Have you ever had a life-changing revelation? Something you realized that changed your outlook on life? How has it affect you?

Avatar the Last Airbender: What environment/atmosphere puts you in the best mood/motivates you? Rainy days? Cool autumn evenings? Cafes?

Moomin: What season is your favorite and why? What do you enjoy doing during this season?

Dororo: In what ways do you prefer to show affection? Through words? With gifts? Cuddles?

Boku no Hero Academia: Who in your life do you think has positively impacted you the most? What moment with this person do you recall most vividly?

Steven Universe: Do you prefer stargazing, cloud gazing, or gazing at the ocean? 

Naruto: In what ways are you most satisfied about your development as a person? Have you become Kinder? Happier? Wiser?

Gravity Falls: Do you have a favorite cryptid or urban legend? Do you enjoy creepy things?

Marvel: What qualities do you value most in a friend?

DC Comics: If you could live in any fictional world, be it from a TV series, movie or book, what would it be? 

Star vs. Forces of Evil: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

90s Anime: Tell us about a life changing event and how you’re adjusting to it.

Pokemon: What's your favorite animal? What is it about this creature that makes you drawn to it? Could you see yourself having this animal as a pet?

Homestuck: Have you ever had to make a decision that changed your life? What was it and how are things different?

Haikyuu: What is your favorite passtime/hobby? Would you ever hope to make a career out of it?

Dragon Prince: If you could have a familiar, what creature would you want it to take form of? 

Yuuri on Ice: What helps put you at ease when you're troubled? A cup of tea? Taking a walk? Reading?

Carole and Tuesday: What's your favorite kind of music? What kind of music can you absolutely not stand? 

Voltron: Do you have any theories about the Universe and existence, be them your own or someone elses? 

Legend of Korra: If you could posess one elemental power, what would it be and why? 

16 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 23:11:36

tfw you wear a full fucking scene getup(sans makeup bc fuck that shit is expensive) in the good year of the lime 2019

i even found my cosplay fangs from my moved stuff and im wearin em out lmao

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22 hours ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 17:09:49
coffee 25th May 2019 02:14:13 AM - 2 days ago

icecream discourse

chunky or plain?

thelldev 25th May 2019 02:16:39 AM - 2 days ago

Plain but honestly only because I don't handle textures well

star0rice 25th May 2019 02:35:46 AM - 2 days ago

Same, plain all the way. Like, unless its caramel stripes or like, the softest cookie dough or very tiny chocolate bits, I dont want the crunch. I just want delicious smooth creamy icecream.

I particularly have issue with like, pistachio icecream because theres always actual nut bits in it and I literally cannot.

lime 25th May 2019 05:09:29 AM - 1 day ago

depends on the chonk, i like being able to suck down a soft served icecream for example but give me some chokolate chips in my ice cream and im yours forever

sentiniel 25th May 2019 07:25:51 AM - 1 day ago

plain 'cause im a basic ass

princeofdoom 25th May 2019 01:41:03 PM - 1 day ago

I have no preference for texture as long as my ice cream has chocolate, coffee or matcha flavors (and fruit or caramel as a secondary).

wyvern-king 25th May 2019 05:09:49 PM - 22 hours ago

i like em biiiiig i like em chunkyyyyyyy

seriously tho give me ice cream with brownie bits or pistachios or cookie dough and you have my heart forever

1 day ago
Saturday 25th May 2019 07:26:04
coffee asked:

chungus murdoc and meechee òvó

ok so i totally fuckin forgot i even reposted this ask post my bad on the lateness BUT here we go


chungus - i am a complete slut for boba, ill eat that shit on its own, but you give me boba in a coffee smoothie im yours forever. if that doesnt count as food then uhhhh, i lose my mind for mcnuggets

murdoc - i bite my kitkats and eat my hersheys bars sideways. i do this out of spite for someone in particular, but a crime is a crime. theres also the time i participated in jumping a homophobic preacher outside of my school but i didnt get caught because i fled in the chaos with a good majority of the group when the campus security came to break it up.

meechee - at a furmeet i made an impromptu fursuit head with cut out paper, tape, a styofoam cup, and a traffic cone. idk if i have pictures of it but if yall do i can post em up

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3 days ago
Friday 24th May 2019 01:19:52
jesrosewater 23rd May 2019 09:16:02 PM - 3 days ago

where's that post everyone keeps repouring about the rare word asks or whatever. fuck it i can't find it. ask me shit like this:

chungus - what's your favorite food

murdoc - what's something you've done that should've been a crime but wasn't

unicorn - something you liked as a kid that you want to rediscover the love for

sminson - fun childhood story

poggers - most recent awesome thing you did

meechee - most memorable thing that happened last year

lamp - what's a project that you were working on at some point (be it when you were 5 years old or 50) that will never see the light of day

undertale - are you religious, if so explain as much as you're comfortable explaining

tomato - asker lists a movie, answerer says their opinion on that movie

thanos - three things that just irritate you

miku - what's your social security number

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4 days ago
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 03:49:00
pansexual 22nd May 2019 03:47:39 AM - 4 days ago

It went from everyone shouting across an abandoned Toys R Us parking lot to all of us being inside some trendy unknown coffee shop. 

wyvern-king 22nd May 2019 03:49:00 AM - 4 days ago

Plot twist we all just moved inside the abandoned toys r us and made it a secret hideout and home

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5 days ago
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 02:33:40
i-have-no-gender-only-rage 21st May 2019 10:31:30 PM - 5 days ago

Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other! 

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5 days ago
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 02:32:58
corky 22nd May 2019 12:12:28 AM - 5 days ago

the only discourse i want to see on this site is the about the best way to cook eggs

its scrambled 

greatkingrat 22nd May 2019 12:30:34 AM - 5 days ago

It is clearly scrambled with cheese.

monsterofwisewomen 22nd May 2019 12:41:02 AM - 5 days ago

soft boiled! 7 minutes!

sparky 22nd May 2019 12:53:27 AM - 5 days ago

yallre crazy

the only real answer is never eat eggs because theyre disgusting

corky 22nd May 2019 12:59:51 AM - 5 days ago

no!! eggs good!!

pansexual 22nd May 2019 01:03:44 AM - 5 days ago

Eggs are only ever good fried with cut up tortillas. Only then!!!

evilbog 22nd May 2019 01:25:33 AM - 5 days ago

Runny stuff or bust. you pair that with some delicious breakfast fishcakes and some chow (Like the food chow not just general chow) and god its the best breakfast ever imagined

katiebirdie 22nd May 2019 01:31:59 AM - 5 days ago

heathens, the lot of you

the clear answer here is over easy, put between two pieces of toast to make a breakfast sandwhich

corky 22nd May 2019 01:42:18 AM - 5 days ago

it's unclear whether you even cook your eggs so i'm choosing to respect you out of fear

katiebirdie 22nd May 2019 02:08:15 AM - 5 days ago

i do?? as stated, i cook 'em over easy-- i.e., flipped once, so both sides of the white are completely cooked through. people who like their egg whites undercooked can get the hell out of here

corky 22nd May 2019 02:14:04 AM - 5 days ago

oh i don't know how i missed that sorry, but this is an okay opinion - however i would have been very impressed if you cracked an egg between two slices of toast and snacked on it

katiebirdie 22nd May 2019 02:24:32 AM - 5 days ago

yeah, but i'm afraid i'm not a alcoholic college student--yet

wyvern-king 22nd May 2019 02:32:58 AM - 5 days ago

Egg taste makes me throw up so the best way to cook them is with other things so you dont gotta taste em but still get the nutrients

making breakfast zucchini hash browns is the best way to go. Use the egg to keep it together but other than that its zucchini and carrots and potatoes and seasoning all the way

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5 days ago
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 02:28:04
silenthills 5th January 2019 10:06:46 PM - 5 months ago
A secret shhhh | Lemon Drop

this is very hush hush but i made this for me and a pals horror game were making. its a 2d pixel night based stealth game based around a all seeing ghost named lemondrop and his not so welcome human family! :3 as we get more done ill be posting it around my public social media but for now its a secret 

lime 5th January 2019 11:26:58 PM - 5 months ago

well i didnt know i could feel safe and yet HORRIBLY UNEASY at the same time

genuinly love it

babushka 21st May 2019 07:13:46 PM - 5 days ago

evilbog 22nd May 2019 12:57:51 AM - 5 days ago

This music reminds me a lot of celeste if that makes any sense

6 days ago
Monday 20th May 2019 19:51:41

6 days ago
Monday 20th May 2019 18:08:07

shame that milkshake thrown was so liquidy, wouldve loved to see a big glob of it just slowly run down that suit because it was still cold and an actual shake more than a slushie

7 days ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 23:07:29

tpose to assert dominance over the straights

1 week ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 21:07:36

Throwback to the time my kidneys tried to kill me wheni was 3

1 week ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 19:49:06

1 week ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 17:38:32

i can buy human teeth online and if that doesnt show how far weve come as a society i dont know what does

1 week ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 00:21:55

I may look like I have dirt on my face, but lemme tell you this

i have those fucking marks on both sides of my cheeks and it looks like i have dirt or shitty countiuring and despite peoples efforts to approach me and try to wipe them off, Those Are Birth Marks

1 week ago
Friday 17th May 2019 23:10:02

Aight well someone noted the last post so here y’all go. It meeeee

1 week ago
Friday 17th May 2019 22:49:41

Lmao one like and ill do a face reveal im feelin cute as fuck

1 week ago
Friday 17th May 2019 21:16:53

I caught her last night I just haven’t posted her here yet. I love her sm!!!! I went out late to catch her lmaoooo